Anime and Bullying: Adolescent Otaku Dealing With Bullies

Love these facts about being an otaku and preventing bullies. I’m a otaku and proud of it.

Beneath the Tangles

I recently uploaded an app called “Anime Amino.”  It’s a social community for anime fans – mostly teens and mostly those who enjoy Black Butler, Fairy Tail, Naruto, and the like.  To engage the community, I asked this question in the discussion section:

Have you ever been bullied for being an otaku?

I didn’t intend to share the results anywhere in particular (you’ll note that the responses and questions aren’t really set up survey-style), but the response was so great that I thought I’d share.  Part my work has to do with bullying, as well, and I believe the topic of bullying has an important association with Christian life.

As of the writing of this post, 101 individuals responded to the question posed.  Most (90) were teenagers, with a few younger than 13 and a few older than 19.  About 2/3 were female.

When I posted this…

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